This is the web site for Tony Newling Consulting, based in Waitarere Beach, New Zealand.

I have 35 years experience in Information Technology.  TL-DR section below on my background.

I have a wide range of skills built over these 35 years.  I know how to build and maintain web sites, and more importantly why and how you should have a web site.  I built my first commercial web site in 1997 for Dolomites Ski Tours.  (They have changed their site since then).  I built my first programmed web site in 2010 for Singapore Hash House Harriets, a running club.  I know how web sites work and can advise you on what type you need, how much it should cost, and what you can realistically expect.

I am also pretty good with home networking, computer set up and trouble shooting, and working out how to make sure your precious photos and other information are backed up in case of troubles.

TL-DR (Too Long, Didn’t Read) Career Highlights

  • I began my career in the Australian Government Public Service, in the Research section of the Immigration Department (then called Immigration and Ethnic Affairs).  As a Graduate Clerk, I joined at a time when the research section was moving from commissioning full service surveys to data only surveys.  This meant that the department received computer tapes containing survey data, which had to be processed.  No-one really knew how to do it so I went to the IT department, got some books, and taught myself.  From this, IT hired me to be a systems programmer.
  • From Immigration I was hired by IBM to be a trainer in their customer education classes. At the time (1985) it took about ten years to learn how to program and manage the huge computers of the time (called mainframes).  I taught classes to IBM customers, learning at the same time.  Later, I had roles as national technical support for mainframes, international technical support (based in the USA), and support for one of the large banks in Australia using mainframes.  I then moved to the software group and learned other system types, like Windows, UNIX, Linux and AS/400.  While at IBM, I did some of the world’s early work on connecting business systems to the Internet, so I built a lot of Internet skills right at the beginning of commercial use of the Internet, in 1994 or so.
  • After 18 years at IBM, I was recruited by Microsoft to move to Singapore to set up a competitive team, helping Microsoft sales people in competitive situations.  I then moved to the Public Sector sales group with roles as business manager and then the Government Industry Lead for Microsoft in Asia.  This was an interesting role, working with Governments throughout Asia.  This included China, Japan, India, all of South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand.  I did some of the early work for Microsoft on digital Agriculture.

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