Networking at the Beach

We moved to New Zealand from Singapore at the end of 2017. I already knew Internet access in New Zealand was more expensive for less speed than I was used to in Singapore. What I didn’t know was that when our subdivision was built, our section was bypassed by the then Telecom New Zealand and we had no access to wired Internet. Fibre won’t be coming here for quite a while, and Chorus (who now look after wiring for Internet) quoted us more than $8000 to install copper wiring!!!!! Needless to say I declined.

For a year we have been surviving with a small 4G hotspot from Spark which costs $45 for 4GB of data. This was ok while we were traveling a lot, but not a good long term solution.

When we came back last November, we discovered Skinny Broadband. We signed up and have been using a 120GB plan since November, and we are really happy. It is quite fast (not as fast as fibre), comes with a fairly capable router that can be configured and extended, and best of all has no contract. For beach users who aren’t here all the time, this means you can stop the service when you are away and restart when you are back (in monthly increments). Skinny use Spark 4G but with compression to speed things up, and you can buy 60GB, 120GB, or 240GB. We are using 120GB which has worked well for us so far.

Contact me if you want some advice.

Starting a new local business

I retired from the corporate world in November 2017, and moved to Waitarere Beach from Singapore.

Since moving here, I have been really impressed by the quality of the local businesses that I have been able to use, particularly local tradespeople, like the plumber and electrician.

Supporting local businesses is something I really care about, and when a few people asked me for help with their web sites or technology, I decided it make sense to start a small business to help others with their technology needs.