My Work


Singapore Hash House Harriets – a club management site, with a member and event database, maintains records for the club including runs attended. Fully developed by me, including database (SQL Server), programming (ASP.NET MVC in C#), map (Bing maps in Javascript), as well as a WordPress blog and club history in WikiMedia. The site was deployed in 2010 and is still in daily use.

Waitarere Beach – a local information web site that had been built and updated by various people over the years. Needed some immediate work in early 2019 to update the beach camera image and remove some hacked information. I haven’t done much on the design yet, but I was able to get the site working again in about a day.

Levin Golf Club – I have just taken over responsibility for updating this site as it hasn’t had active management for a while.


Dolomites Ski Tours – I built their first web site in 1997, and kept working on it up until about 2005, when they changed to a new provider after I had moved countries.

OS/390 Internet BonusPak II – Web Programming. This was a book I wrote for IBM in the early days of the commercial Internet.

Alcatel Web Production System. I worked on a very early connection of a business system (phone production scheduling) to the Internet in 1997.