Recommended Reading

Every so often, Bill Gates publishes his reading list, which is always pretty interesting. They are also usually pretty high-brow, which is ok but not perhaps what everyone is looking for.

I have my own humble list, but they are books I really think are essential:

  1. The Barefoot Investor – this is an Australian book that gives very sound money advice. It is very practical for Australians but the general lessons are applicable (with some research) anywhere. Vital reading for everyone from 15 to 90.
  2. Factfulness – a book to help you read and think past the vested interests that are killing our ability to discuss world issues and solve them.
  3. The Driver in the Driverless Car – describes our future based on technology innovation. Parents need to read to guide their kids, and kids need to read to understand where the careers of the future are. Spoiler – it is not being a driver.

I found each of these a relatively easy read and hope you will too.

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